Solomon’s insight on what drives many of us doesn’t make me feel so good:: “most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors (Ecclesiastes 4:4).” That statement doesn’t make me feel good because I know it’s true.  And I know it’s true because it’s true about me.  If I’m honest with myself, I’ll admit I feel an inner drive to compete with the people around me, in almost every area of my life. I’m afraid of falling behind.  I’m afraid of failing. And I’ve met a lot of people like me –  people who find themselves focusing on what they lack and should have.  People who find themselves focusing on they lack and should be.  But we have also found that when we remember the gospel our heart’s fears are stilled, and our strivings cease.  We have found the only cure for our feelings of lack, the only remedy for our need to be more is in the one who did it all and had it all and gives it all to us freely. In Jesus we find the end to our should haves and should be’s. In Jesus we have found the beginning of our having and our being and our being complete. Christianity is the only faith that begins with our completion.