Get Connected

Are you new to Mountainside?

Try Step One

Following Jesus is a journey and it’s all about taking the Next Step. If you are new to our church community and you want to get plugged in, or if you are exploring faith and what it means for you, come out to Step One.

Step one is a simple, relaxed gathering (where we will keep social distance) where you will get to know some other new people at Mountainside, and you will hear about what’s going on at our church and next steps you could take on the journey with us.

Ready for the next step?

Try Step Two

Step 2 is a 6 week introduction to some of the basic practices of following Jesus. After taking Step 2 you will be able to answer these two questions:

  1. How do I personally hear God’s voice and respond to what he is saying?
  2. How do I balance my relationships like Jesus did?

In Step 2 you will meet some new people and grow together on your spiritual journey. Step 2 is for everyone, including those who are still  unsure about what they believe.

Looking for community?

Join a
Community Group

Community Groups meet together every week or two. They catch up with each other, engage some spiritual content, and discuss what they are learning together. Some community groups also serve together once a month out in the community. During the pandemic, some groups meet online and some in person. To connect with a community group sign up below.

Go Deeper

Join a Huddle

Huddles are leadership development groups for people who want to be intentional about shaping their life like Jesus.  Each huddle has 3-8 people, and is lead by a trained huddle leader.  Huddles will give you answers to these questions:

  • How do I personally hear God’s voice and respond to what he is saying?
  • How do I shape my relationships like Jesus did?
  • How can I root my identity in Christ?
  • What are my spiritual gifts and how can I use them?
  • How can I live in a sustainable rhythm of work and rest?
  • How can I disciple my family?
  • How can I take the next step of becoming a strong leader
  • How can I make new leaders?
Most huddles serve together either in the church or in the wider community.  Because huddles are focused on helping you follow Jesus, the expectation for group attendance and participation is higher than in the typical small group.

Join a Team

Wanting to join a team that serves together?

The groups that grow the closest, have the most fun and see God move the most tend to be groups that serve together. Some of the teams that serve together at Mountainside are:

  • Worship team
  • Hospitality team (serving coffee and food)
  • Sunday morning Greeting team 
  • Live Stream Team (Sunday morning cameras, lights, sound)
  • Youth Group Leader team
  • Jr Youth Leader team
  • Sunday School teachers
  • Alpha Leader team
  • The Art of Marriage Course Leader team
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Celebrate Recovery Leaders
  • Stephen’s Ministry Leaders (Crisis Care)
If you would like to join one of our serve teams then please give us some information on your passions and gifts here: