“I love what God is doing here!” is a common exclamation we hear from the many visitors who visit us from literally all over the globe.

At Mountainside we are all about dialing into the authentic, “I can’t breathe without this kind of oxygen”, kind of life Jesus offers each of us. We recognize that for many, religion has not dialed them into this kind of life; rather, religion has been this noisy static that has drowned out that message and disillusioned many.

We are not about being churchy, we are about the real thing. Maybe that is why we have become a home, for the un-churched, the de-churched, the spiritually curious and the spiritually committed alike.

We think we will change the way you think about church.


  • Messages you can understand
  • Real relationships
  • Music you can relate to
  • Engaging moments for children
  • A casual, relaxed environment and dress