Jesus' People Jesus' Place
Sermon Series

Series Overview

When the truth about Jesus comes among us, it creates a culture in us with a certain kind of feel, and a particular kind of look.  This series examines how the beauty of Jesus' life is embodied in us, creating a people and place we want to be a part of.

In a culture in love with exclusive memberships and VIP entrances, separating the “in” from the “out”, Jesus creates a culture of belonging for anyone.

Shawn Barden | October 16th, 2022

In a culture addicted to Photoshop and filters, to make us appear better than we are, Jesus frees us to be vulnerably honest with God and one another.

Shawn Barden | October 23rd, 2022

In a fickle culture that falls in and out of love with ease, leaving us wounded and insecure, Jesus pours an unending love into us, to share with one another.

Shawn Barden | October 30th, 2022

In a culture that perpetuates the myth of the self-made man/woman, we devote ourselves to prayer so we may be God-made men and women.

Shawn Barden | November 6th, 2022

How the real stuff of Jesus becomes real in us.

Shawn Barden | November 13th, 2022

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